Eight Tips for Success

Eight Tips for Success

The Eight Powers Within You - Shishir SrivastavaBelow is an extract from Chapter 5, The Power of Focus. All Eight Chapters in the book have eight tips to develop you powers in the conclusion.

1) Work from a clear desk.
You cannot focus if you have too many things cluttered on your table. Remove all the files or papers from your table and move them to another table. Now bring one thing at a time in front of you, do it well and then go to the next.

2) Do one thing at a time.
Multitasking is the great myth of the day. No one can multitask and remain 100 per cent efficient all the time. Our brain was not designed to think at multiple levels. You can only do one thing at a time. Once one task is done well, you can switch to the next and then the next. This alone can ensure that you deliver quality output.

3) Plan and organize yourself.
Think of yourself as a highly organized person. Always keep a planner with you. Also keep a calendar on you desk. If anything new comes up that requires attention, make sure it is added to your list. Add the task to the calendar and put it on schedule.

4) Allocate time slots for different activities.
Once you have made a list of things that are important, fix the amount of time you are going to spend in completing them.

5) Do not switch between tasks.
Moving away from a task with the aim of returning to it later reduces your efficiency. Working single-mindedly and sticking to a task till it is complete will greatly increase your productivity.

6) Avoid distractions during work.
To focus on work, try to eliminate distractions such as television, phone, internet and email. Once this has been done, just you and your work remain.

7) Use instrumental music.
Research has shown that music without lyrics helps increase focus at work. For me, having classical Indian and instrumental music playing in the background is a great help at work. Music with words and fast beats diverts my attention. You might have a different taste. Try different options.

8) Reward yourself.
Reward yourself once you finish even a small part of a big project. Have a cup of tea or coffee.
This self-compliment will encourage you to move on
the next job with enthusiasm.