'This is a wonderful, inspiring, practical book with the eight most important strategies for success ever discovered.'
— Brian Tracy
 Author- No Excuses! The Power of Self-Discipline

‘Eight Powers within You’ has all the ingredients to turn an ordinary performer to an extra-ordinary achiever. The book acts as a mirror to reflect your latent powers and strengthens the pathway to reach your dreams.’
— Dr Kiran Bedi
, First woman IPS Officer, India




‘“Positive” and “powerful” are the two words that I would use to describe Shishir Srivastava’s instinctive new book. Incorporating the “eight powers” in a person’s conduct and character can be a potent formula for an individual’s success in today’s competitive world.’
Shashi Tharoor
Former Under-Secretary General, United Nations  

"I met Mr. Shishir Srivastava at the 9th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World and Global Symposium: Awakening Planetary Consciousness, while he delivered a motivational speech related to his book “The Eight Powers within You”. At the very same beginning I was impressed by the book and the themes which are the focus of the book. It was a great sensation within me and I had the feeling that this book will have to be issued in my small and amazing country Macedonia, at the south of Balkans and Europe.
Personally, I am still looking forward to discovering all of the Eight Powers and I think we are all looking for them our entire lives. Still, I know that this book has helped me a lot to find my own way to accomplish the general goal of one’s living time. So, the book made the magic and we really issued it in Macedonia, with financial support of the Government of Macedonia – Ministry of Culture and the private donators (donations from few local companies).
Let me express my great respect to the author of the book and my gratefulness for giving us this amazing book."
— Dragica Milosevska, President - Association for promoting
the status of women in contemporary social process in Republic of Macedonia “Women’s Action” Skopje


"The book "Eight Powers within You" is a work that contains all the specifics that can make a person happy. A readable and receptive book, a positive approach streams through it and therefore the reader can be filled with positive emotions while reading the book. The main purpose of this book is to extract all the positivity of man kind and make them think and act positively. Other specifications is the common denominator of all principles, and that is the number 8 (eight), a number that is on the top pedestal of all numbers. A book in which there are hidden synergies that meet, rise up and ennoble."
Tatjana Stojanoska Ivanova, PhD.
University "St. Cyril and Metodija" of Republic Macedonia,
Institute of Sociology, Faculty of Philosophy Skopje,
Head of the postgraduate studies program for European Integration.

"Eight Powers within You" is a brilliant book for everyone who wants to be successful and powerful, for everyone who have dreams. The positive thoughts help us keep our enthusiasm and be successful. This book is the source of our success."
Jovana Trenchevska, Msc. Government of Republic Macedonia,
Government of Ministry of Labour and social policy,
Department for Equal Opportunities,
Counselor for Equal Oportunities of Women and Men


“Eight Powers within You" is an empowering book which inspires people to dive deeper inside in order to discover their inner strength. It makes you realize that there is no higher power in the universe that controls your actions and results, but the power resides in you – your imagination, actions and self-confidence pave the way to your future. Being able to set proper goals and focus on achieving them with strong will and love will always help you accomplish superior results. Simple words and stories of important people make this book an easy reader and practical guidebook for everyone who wants to succeed.”
Elena Panova, MSc
Translator of the book in Macedonian

‘“The Eight Powers Within You” is refreshment for the human spirit. Shishir Srivastava’s book is an empowering guide that leads one to perceive life as an adventure: the advent of destiny. His eight success principles, simple and profound, are animated with stories that are vivid and unforgettable. The book is a masterpiece’
Marilyn Wilhelm
author of Education: The Healing Heart and founder director, Wilhelm Schole International, USA  

"A most impressive first book by Shishir Srivastava provides the reader direct, clear Procedures, and pathways to reveal and unravel one’s cleverly created traps in avoidance of success.

The author points out the need for self analysis of life’s direction and motives, and basic understanding of the power of energy in thoughts and words. We can peel away the self-serving interests of our ego, transforming it into a higher vision of possibilities. Srivastava gives his own courageously developed gift of positive focus in ‘The Eight Powers’ awaiting our personal activation to progress. He discusses their unified nature as they relate to our natural origin of spirit, our life’s mission and the Infinite!

Mr. Srivastava is congenial and refreshes us in a poetically engaging, creative journey. He encourages us to fling open the gateway to the intuitive, discovering our spirit’s longing to become. A new reverence and joy in gaining greater meaning in life, could result! Shishir Srivastava’s own life is a perfect testimony of pure inspiration to have already reached such brilliant success ! Clearly, now, the Secret’s out.!"
BINA, Bernadette F. Trattner
BFA, Teacher, Speaker, Peace Promoter, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

‘Shishir Srivastava has written a beautiful book to inspire the search for truth. Through his words, affirmations, visualizations and stories, he has created a colourful tapestry of inspiration to energize the entire being’
Nayaswamis Haridas and Roma Blake
Director, Anand Sangh 

‘The Eight Powers Within You” is a truly inspiring book and has many practical exercises to help an individual become successful’
R K Atri
CEO, Bharat Shodh 

‘This stimulating book is devoted to empowering young minds. I hope it’ll not only inspire the youth but also guide a whole array of professionals looking to succeed in their respective fields’
Dr Ram Boojh
Programme Specialist,

The Eight Powers Within You is an outstanding book that provides great inspiration for discovering one’s self and improving one’s personality. Unlike most books on personality development, it profoundly inspires the reader without engaging in preaching.’
Prof C Raj Kumar
Vice-chancellor, O P Jindal Global University


‘Shishir Srivastava has written an extraordinarily interesting book. How many young people can boast of having written a book that will help the reader to work positively on his imagination, choice of words, self-confidence, goals, will, success and on the power of love. “The Eight Powers Within You” will help form the character of an open reader and contribute to the development of our planet, because by working on our character we also work on the destiny of humankind, the destiny of our planet’
Edwin Zappe
Lecturer, Salzburg, Austria 

‘In his latest book The Eight Powers Within You, Shishir Srivastava brings to the fore the powers which are latent in every human being but when realized will go a long way in fulfilling ones potential. On the one hand Shishir shows you the high point which you always thought was beyond your grasp and on the other he also provides you a ladder to reach there.   Go on a trip to self discovery and self actualization with this book, you’ll be enriched!’
Suboor Usmani, IRS
Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax 

‘The Eight Powers Within You has the key to unlock anyone’s potential. It’s useful for readers of all age groups and will empower budding entrepreneurs with success skills’
Jitendra Kumar Saxena
Chairman, IMRT Business School, Lucknow  

‘It’s really tough to locate one motivational book which makes an impact on one's life. The book The Eight Powers within You: Your Guide to Success gives great mantras to achieve success in every aspect of life.’
Pankaj Srivastava
Producer, ETV Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand, India  

‘The Eight Powers Within You is indeed a manual that every person should appropriate in his life, to make him visualize his own limitless capacities stretching to infinity . Mr. Shishir Srivastava in simple, catchy as well as anecdotal manner is at his best with a motivational hundred pages, that inspire and empower every reader irrespective of his age, class and nationality.’
Dr Carmo D’Souza
MSc, BEd, LLM, PhD (Laws),
Professor at V M Salgaocar College of Law, Panjim, Goa  

‘Shishir Srivastava is a person of whom can be proud not only India.
I know him many years and always surprised of his global thinking, organizing capacities and kindness to people. It is not surprising, that now he has presented all to us the magnificent book "‘The Eight Powers Within You” which was written by the big professional and a prominent humanist.’
Alexander Chumakov
Ph.D., Professor,
Chair of Philosophy Department
Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation,
First Vice-President of the Russian Philosophical Society,
Address: 14 Volkhonka Str., room 102. Russian Philosophical Society Moscow, 119992, Russia   



Dear Mr Srivastava,
My name is Jayesh Dadia. I am a practicing Chartered Accountant at Mumbai. I read your book " The Eight Powers Within You".. This book is a truly inspiring book...I found lot of changes in myself.
My attitued, thinking, communication and perception changed for better
I now feel life is worth living and at 52 develop feeling to learn new things. Tthanks for writing such an extraordinary book.
I have bought 25 copies of this book and decided to give as gift to friends and relatives.

Jayesh Dadia
Chartered Accountant