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The Eight Powers Within You - Shishir SrivastavaTHE EAGLE WHO GREW UP WITH CROWS
There is a story about an eagle who laid an egg in a crow’s nest. The baby eagle grew up with the crow’s family, thinking that he too was a crow. One day, the eagle’s mother visited her baby. She introduced herself and told him that he was not a crow but an eagle, and was meant to soar high in the sky. But the baby eagle refused to believe his mother. A few months later the crow told her brood that it was time to fly. All the young birds made an attempt to fly. The baby eagle noticed that his feathers were far bigger than those of his siblings. So he tried to fly higher and higher—and succeeded. The mother eagle was circling above and noticed him. She dived down and joined him. The baby eagle realized that he had been wrong. He decided to leave the crow family and join his real family.

Many times we too behave like this baby eagle. Although we have all the powers, strength and resources at hand, we are unwilling to venture forth boldly—either because we not aware of our powers or are afraid of using them. That you have picked up this book shows you are keen to know about the ‘eight powers within you’ and want to lead a successful life. This book is meant for you. It has a message for everyone who is seeking success. It will offer hope to those who are struggling to fulfil their dreams. It will also prove useful to those seeking to make little improvements in their life.

Why ‘eight’ powers? Well, ‘8’ is a wonderful symbol: if turned by 90 degrees, it becomes (infinity). So, ‘8’ symbolizes infinity, and that is the magic of the eight powers within you. Turn them around and you will see infinite opportunities. Wealth and happiness will start embracing you. These powers are available to you right now. The tips given in this book will help you to marshal these powers to work in your interest as well as that of all humanity. The eight powers are lying suppressed within you. When you decide to use all of them, employing the step-by-step process mentioned in this book, they will awaken. All the powers are interconnected: once you start nuturing one, the others too will begin developing gradually. The sky’s the limit to which any individual can expand any power, regardless of their current position. You can develop every one of the eight powers to any extent you wish.

This book started with my quest for self-improvement. Like most people, I used to think that success is a matter of destiny and hard work. But after reading several books on success and self-improvement over 10 years—and tasting a few triumphs myself—I realized that a person’s destiny is entirely in their hands.

I conceptualized this book about five years ago, using real-life experiences and knowledge gained through selfgrowth. When I started writing, I asked myself, Is there a systematic process to success? How can average people become extraordinary performers? How can this book be of use to them? What tips can be included to make it a success manual that can be handy in day-to-day life? I also asked myself, What is the relation between me, the world and the universe? What is the role of destiny in shaping one’s future?

These questions encouraged me to explore the deeper meaning of success and spirituality in our life. After all the study and research, I came to the conclusion that all of us can become more successful than we are now. I also realized that there must exist something readily accessible that can help us expand our possibilities. Throughout my prayers and meditations, I kept asking myself, 'What is it that is common to all human beings and can help us succeed at personal, financial and spiritual levels?’ Gradually I found the answer and discovered the eight powers within—which I believe are common to all humans. While exploring the field of self-growth and motivation, I found that success and successful people have some things in common. These are: